- Select Items Listed Your Satisfaction And Value Guaranteed
Select Items Listed Your Satisfaction And Value Guaranteed - silysavg motto

GoodPlansCheap, a 'sidesite' of, is operated for the purpose of providing for sale economical Do It Yourself plans for individuals in various vocations, avocations and/or hobbies.

On occasion you will find such things as:

  • Build your own Fat Tire Scooter,
  • an Underwater SCUBA Tow,
  • Stone Fireplace,
  • Log Cabin,
  • Burglar Alarm,
  • Smelting Furnace,
  • Art Easel,
  • Five String Banjo,
  • Electric Guitar,
  • or plans for real and/or model boats or airplanes.

I list such things that I believe someone will be very interested in or that I have sold previously.

The plans I sell are gathered from a number of different books, magazines and other written sources.
They are carefully removed and shipped to various U.S. locations via First Class Mail.

Shipping to international locations are via 'First Class Mail International'.

The Plans, Schematics, Blueprints, Designs, Layouts, etc, are in the vast majority of cases, copyrighted, therefore they are not available as 'copies' (neither photographic nor digital ).
Only the original pages from such sources will be sent.

Because the pages being sent are usually low in number, in most cases whenever someone purchases multiple different Plans, Schematics, Blueprints, etc., the shipping & handling charges DO NOT increase.

Please, if contempling the purchase of two or more various item lots of Plans, Blueprints and/or Schematics, etc., let me know by email, beforehand, so that an invoice can be sent with the correct S & H charges.

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