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About NaturesPickings

NaturesPickings, a 'sidesite' of, is operated for the purpose of providing for sale items gathered from the natural environment. 'Foraged' would be the appropriate term.

Many of the items that find their way on to this site are 'SEASONAL' in nature, no pun intended, therefore they will appear on this site for brief periods during the applicable season for that item.

On occasion you will find such things as:
Dried Morels
Wild Ramps, A/K/A Wild Leeks
Shagbark Hickory Nuts
Honey Mushrooms
Sheep's Head ( Maitake ) Mushrooms
Osage Orange Balls and/or their seeds
Wreath making material
Swamp White Oak Acorns, or other varieties
Acorn Caps
Various wild herbs
Snapping Turtle shells
Rose Hips
Just a sampling of some of the many items.

I list such things that I believe someone will be very interested in or that I sell on a regular basis to repeat customers.

The items I sell are gathered from various fields, forest and stream in Western Pa.

Shipping such items is generally via the United States Postal Service and usually 'Priority Mail', either 'Flat Rate' or 'Regular Priority', whichever is more economical for the customer.
On some occasions, Parcel Post or First Class Mail is used.
For example, a packet of Osage Orange Seeds will ship 'First Class'.


Please, if contemplating the purchase of two or more item lots from NaturesPickings, let me know by email, beforehand, so that an invoice can be sent with the correct S & H charges.

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