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On this site there is no 'LOG-IN' requirement, no registration required and no pre-approval requirements.

I do NOT gather any financial information such as: Credit Card Numbers, Pin numbers, Secure Code numbers, names of your Credit/Debit Cards, etc.

If you do decide to pay via Credit Card/Debit Card it will be because you clicked on the Amazon or Paypal 'Pay Button' and thereafter became re-directed to their respective secure websites - on their sites - NOT this one.

Indeed, if you are really concerned about protecting such financial information you can use your Paypal account on this site ( or someone else's Paypal account, such as your spouse, sibling or friend ) and use the 'Balance Transfer' or 'eCheck' options --- OR --send a payment in the mail.

Amazon Payments
Now, based on several regular and consistent requests, Amazon Payments is a payment option.
With Amazon Payments the total amount shown for each individual item purchase, after the Amazon Payments payment button is clicked, includes the S & H charges for that item.
Since I do not have a shopping cart as some other sites do ( I am working on it ) keep in mind that if you are contemplating the purchase of more than one item at a time please email me to let me know the items and I will make sure to give you, via invoice, the reduced shipping & handling charges commensurate with my policy of reduced Combined Shipping.

Honestly, as many customers have discovered, there are many cases where a second item can be sent along with the initial item at no additional S & H costs. It won't always be the case but a simple email will resolve any doubts.

There is no need to divulge personal financial information when using the Amazon Payments Button.

When clicking on a Amazon Payments l 'Button' you are taken to a secureAmazon Payments ( https: ) website for payment transactions.

You may also click on the Amazon Payments link above to go directly to Amazon, if desired.

Bitcoin Payments
I accept bitcoin as payment through at the current value of the bitcoin online currency.

The value / exchange rate of bitcoin changes pretty much on a daily basis and can be quickly referenced by clicking on the home page of the above website.

Because the value of bitcoin currency flucuates daily the manner of accepting a payment via bitcoin will be the 'Send Money' or 'Request Money' tabs.
Also, 'Invoices via email' is another option.
A buyer can do like one does within Amazon Payments or Paypal, that is, request me to send an invoice through or they can go to their account, login and click the 'Send Money' tab and complete the entries to make a payment for what they wish to purchase.

Paypal in the form of cash balance transfers, eChecks and through the use of major credit cards that are part of the Paypal account holder, is accepted for all users with a 'Confirmed' Paypal address.

If the address on Paypal is 'Unconfirmed' you will need to utilize the 'Instructions To Merchant' ( maybe labeled 'Instructions from buyer ) note area in your Paypal account to enter a name and address for me to use. At least by doing that I will know that the address listed on Paypal as 'Unconfirmed' is not some outdated / stale address as has happened on past occasions.

Also, even if you do NOT have a Paypal account, you can still use your Credit Card by clicking on the 'Checkout' button.
You will be re-directed to Paypal's site and when there you will be given the opportunity to have your payment processed either as a Paypal payment OR via your Visa, Mastercard, Diner's Club, etc.

There is no need to divulge personal financial information when using the Paypal payment options.

When clicking on a Paypal 'Button' you are taken to a secure Paypal ( https: ) website for payment transactions.

You may also click on the Paypal link above to go directly to Paypal, if desired.

Silver Coin

Where else can you use your few 'silver' coins to buy something? And get maximum value?
I accept 'silver' as payment.

That means, for U.S. coins, up to and including 1964.
Other countries have different years that 'silver' was minted. If not sure email me and ask. I accept other countries 'silver' coin also.

As of February 2014 I am accepting siver coins at the exchange rate of 1 to 14.
That means 1 dime is worth 14 dimes ( $1.40 ).
One dollar in 'silver' dimes is worth $14.00.

For example, let's say you want to purchase something that with S & H equals $4.20.
Then 3 'silver' dimes will cover it ( each dime = $1.40 X 3 = $4.20 ).
U.S. Cash in the form of paper currency or coin is accepted for select items.
The item itself will be noted as being a CASH payable item.
If it is not so noted then CASH is NOT an option.

Generally such items will be $5.00 or less in value with S & H costs included to determine total value.
Some times, Cash is the least expensive method of making a payment.

Shipping is the next business day after payment is received.

Foreign Cash
Cash ( properly converted at the current exchange rate) from the following countries, and for select items, are also accepted:

  • United Kingdom Pounds Sterling,
    Canadian Dollars,
    Australian Dollars.

Clicking on the 'Foreign Cash' link above will take you to a well known currency conversion site ( www. ) where a chart and/or 'currency converter' can be used for ascertaining the correct amount to send for the item purchased.

Please, also include S & H in the currency conversion process.

Canadian Postal Money Orders
Canadian Money Orders are as good as U.S. Money Orders - as long as - the amount is made out in U.S. Dollars.
Shipping is the next business day after receipt.

More information about Canada Post Money Orders can be gleaned from clicking on the 'Canadian Postal Money Order' link above.

Personal Checks
As of June 21, 2012 Personal checks are no longer accepted. I tried it for a while and said to myself that as long as I did not get any bad checks I would continue to accept them.
But it happened a couple of times this year where a check for less than $3.00 bounced due to insufficient funds. Can you imagine? A bounce because there was not enough to cover such a small check.
What a hassle that was to clear up with the bank.

I might consider an exception for certain past customers in good standing. Email first!

For more information regarding Personal Checks, why checks become NSF checks, etc., click the Personal Checks link above.

Certified Checks
Since 'Certified Checks' are guaranteed by the bank it is purchased from I do accept them.

U.S. Postal Money Orders
Postal Money Orders are as good as cash.

When received your item(s) will be shipped the next business day.

Private/Corporate/Company Money Orders
Such as K-Mart, 7-11, Walmart, Sunoco, Bp Oil, Safeway, Cumberland Farms, Western Union, etc., etc. are more like Personal Checks.
They need to clear the banking process just like a Personal Check.
In addition, counterfeit schemes involving such M.O's are becoming common.

Shipping will be delayed at least 10 days for this process.

More information regarding these types of Money Orders can be gathered by clicking the Private/Corporate/Company M.O. link above.

Cashier's Checks
Cashier's checks are almost as good as cash. It depends on the financial entity's name that issued the Cashier's Check. Because some Cashier's Checks have been known to have been counterfeited, it will be the seller's decision, to decide if shipping is immediate or delayed , as in the case of Personal Checks.

Shipment occurs, either the next business day after such Cashier's Check is received OR at least 10 days afterwards. It will depend on the financial Institution name on the Cashier's Check.

More information can be gathered about Cashier's Checks, Teller's Checks, Bank Drafts, etc. by clicking the 'Cashier's Checks' link above.

Unused U.S. Postage stamps
'Unused' U.S. Postage, in the correct amount, is as good as cash.
Shipping is the next business day after receipt.

If you plan to pay via 'Unused' U.S. Postage please email me to let me know and I will provide an address to mail payment to.

Information regarding the purchase of U.S. Postage stamps ON-LINE can be gathered by clicking on the Postage Stamp link above.

Pet Grave Marker IconPet Grave Marker Icon


Acceptable Payment Methods

Payments for- Custom Ceramic Pet Grave Monuments / Markers - can be made via Paypal, Money Order and Personal check.

Canada Post Money Orders, payable in U.S. Dollars, are also acceptable.

For mail in payments such as money orders and checks please utilize the 'Online Order Form'

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